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 Billing Issues

 In order to view and edit your billing information you need to log into the shopper's control panel.
* Go to:
* Enter your username: XXXXXXXXXXXX and password. (You should be able to see your user name in your original invoice)
* Please use "forgot password" if needed.


You can use the link below to retrieve your receipt and obtain an official invoice:


If further assistant is required about billing matters, please contact our billing department at
Phone: +1 (866) 312-7733 
Monday - Thursday: 1am-9pm EST | Friday: 8am-9pm EST | Sunday: 1am-12pm EST


**If you have been charged by mistake or there has been an error in billing, please submit a support ticket detailing the issue. One of our support representatives will contact you to get more details and provide you with an assistance.

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