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Introduction to the new Ginger Chrome extension

Ginger's new Chrome extension allows you to freely type within almost any website, social-media or email service within your Chrome web browser and get live corrections as you type.

Once you download the extension (Download here) and complete your sign up or log in you will notice that a new 'G' icon is added to every text field whenever you start to type.  This is your new Ginger text editor.


Clicking the 'G' icon will open the new Ginger Editor with an access to the 'Write' pad, your 'Personal Dictionary', 'Translator', the 'Synonyms' and English 'Dictionary'. 


While typing, some words will be highlighted in Blue and Red:

Blue highlight - refers to a grammar mistake.

Red highlight - refers to a spelling mistake.

 The 'G' icon will show the number of corrections found in your text and require your attention.






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