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Switching from the old to the new desktop app (Flash Player end of service)

The Ginger app for Windows has been called Ginger Page and is now called Ginger Writer.

Ginger Page:


Ginger Writer:



The latest update of Windows removed support for Flash Player. This prevents Ginger Page for Windows and Office from working!

We have launched the new Ginger Writer app for Windows and Microsoft Office. In addition to fixing the issue with the latest Windows update, we have added some amazing new features:

  • Fast one-click correction from any application on your computer (select text and press Ctrl+C+C to correct it)
  • Smart alternatives to add creativity and style to your writing
  • More powerful MS Word and Office add-in 

Since Flash is not available anymore for download for Windows, we advise all Windows users to uninstall the old version of Ginger (Ginger Page) and install our new application - Read how to uninstall.

Windows 7,8 & 10:

1. To download Ginger Writer click here.

2. Proceed with the download process.

3. Run the installation file and follow the on screen instructions.


To download Ginger Writer for Mac click here.


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